Don’t Go for Low-Hanging Fruit in 2024

Strawberry hanging nearly on the ground

As a young company, it’s tempting to cast a wide net and seize every opportunity that comes your way. You’re ambitious, so why not, right? However, taking a more targeted approach requires a longer runway for revenue growth. But with patience and strategy, you can quickly recoup this investment. How?

1 – Focus on Winning Your Ideal Customer

  • Identify your core proposition (what am I really good at?) and the corresponding customer (‘who is waiting for me’), your ‘Sweet Spot.’
  • Direct all your efforts towards acquiring this customer.
  • Set everything else aside to make the project a success and create that WOW factor (even if your margin on the project is minimal).
  • In doing so, create an ambassador for your product and company.

Note: Don’t be tempted by other Product-Market combinations outside your ‘Sweet Spot,’ even if they might generate more short-term revenue.

2 – Create a Customer Success Story

  • Collaborate with your customer to craft a compelling reference story (how did you solve a particular problem and what benefits did it bring to the customer).
  • Make the developed materials in the sales process generic and (re)use them for marketing purposes.
  • Build a focused landing page (Keywords/SEO).
  • Segment the market into similar customer groups (use available tools for this).
  • Run a targeted online outbound campaign.
  • Support the campaign with substantial online visibility through blogs, online discussions, etc. (consistently use the Keywords from your landing page to generate traffic).

What Are the Benefits?

  • Highly targeted investment for every Euro (avoid reinventing the wheel).
  • A clear image and identity.
    Recognition and authority within your target audience.
  • Sales & Marketing focus.
  • A solid foundation for sustainable revenue growth.

So, dare to say no to alluring sales opportunities that fall outside your Sweet Spot at first glance and stick to the chosen course. It can be challenging for a young company in pursuit of growth (revenue). But our advice is this: don’t be blinded by quick gains. It’s not about grabbing everything you can. Think of the paradisiacal apple… it’s tempting to eat it, but it could leave a sour taste!

We’re eager to hear about your experiences…