Our Vision

Commercial success is based on winning, keeping and growing Customers.

This can only be achieved by continuously improving the three Pillars that determine growth;      Proposition (Strategic), Technology & Processes (Tactical) and People (Operational).

Each growth Pillar consists of sub areas that determine the health of your commercial organisation. Checking these areas will help you identify and prioritize improvements.


  • Product Offering
  • Corporate Brand
  • Markets
  • Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Sales Channels


  • Process Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Collaboration
  • Online / Social
  • Marketing Automation
  • SEO / SEA


  • Sales teams
  • Marketing teams
  • Channel partners
  • Bureaus
  • Call centers
  • Management

Our Approach

Our approach can be divided into 5 Phases:


Self Assessment

Use our CAM and Playbook to assess your Commercial organisation with all internal stakeholders.

CAM Workshop

We organize a workshop in which we help you assess your Commercial Organisation. The outcome of the workshop is a clear overview of prioritized commercial improvement areas.

Business Scenarios

After completing the CAM workshop(s), we will jointly create a Business Scenario (Business Case) for each prioritized improvement area with owner, objective, approach and success criteria (deliverables). We start with low hanging fruit (areas with high impact-low effort to implement) to realize instant success.

Action Plans

A Business Scenario only has real value when linked to clear actions with timelines. In this phase we help you create action plans that are ready for execution.


To help you execute we offer you a network of trusted specialists. Some sample expertise domains:

  • Web Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Campaigns
  • Telemarketing
  • Training
  • Hands-on Sales

Our Focus

We offer over 50 years of experience in all aspects of Business Development. Our clients are predominantly internationally operating B-to-B Technology Companies (Logistics, CRM, Online & Customer Experience Portals, Productivity & Collaboration) in different growth stages all bringing different challenges.

Operating in rapidly changing markets with more demanding customers and investors, we understand the challenges and dynamics of Business Development. We help Technology companies adapt to these changes by building a successful (commercial) organisation that finds new clients, markets and creates winning propositions and revenue models.